Application for Participation in Oklahoma's State-Designated Entity for Health Information Exchange

Welcome to the application process for Oklahoma's State Designated Entity for Health Information Exchange, MyHealth Access Network. Completing this application is the first step in complying with Oklahoma’s recently passed Health Information Exchange Statutes.

MyHealth Access Network is a non-profit Health Information Exchange (HIE) that connects healthcare providers, hospitals, and other organizations across disciplines to securely, privately, and appropriately share patients’ health histories. We provide a platform for collaboration among providers through the use of innovative healthcare technology

Participation in the MyHealth Access Network provides you with the tools to:

  • Improve quality of patient care and outcomes,
  • Promote patient safety by reducing medication and medical errors,
  • Securely and efficiently access patient medical records, laboratory results and other critical health information in real-time,
  • Enhance patient’s experience and ability to take control of their own health,
  • Strengthen care coordination and streamline communication between healthcare settings, and
  • Reduce health related costs associated with redundant testing, hospital admissions and emergency room visits.

Our team looks forward to working with you to enhance HIE in Oklahoma and to provide quality healthcare for all Oklahomans.

Application for Participation

Completing this application is the first step in complying with Oklahoma’s Health Information Exchange Requirements.

MyHealth Access Network enables the electronic exchange of protected health information among healthcare professionals. All Participants of the network are expected to maintain high standards for the privacy and security of patient information, as required by law. The specific rules of the network are described more fully in the Network Policies. This application introduces your organization to us and starts the required process for approval and onboarding.

Participation Agreement

A member of the MyHealth team will provide you with a copy of the Participation Agreement. There are a number of pages, but our team is always available to discuss the documents and any questions or concerns you have. All Participants in the MyHealth Access Network must agree to the Terms & Conditions and Network Policies. These common documents help us coordinate across the entire healthcare community to maintain privacy while securely and appropriately exchanging health information in an efficient and effective way.


At MyHealth we strive to make onboarding as quick and easy as possible. This starts with an onboarding meeting where we will introduce the MyHealth team and review the onboarding plan. The meeting will include topics such as data integrations, provide portal training, and analytics product training.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Participant of MyHealth Access Network. Please reach out with any questions or concerns to (918) 236-3450 or email


This application form is intended to be completed by the legally incorporated organization which employs Oklahoma providers or a sole proprietorship. If you are an employee or subcontractor of said organization, please contact your employer to ensure this application is completed on your behalf.
Organization Level National Provider Identifier as listed in the National Plan & Provider Enumeration System,